Bottom line: Once You Learn To quit, It Becomes A Habit – So KEEP GOING! 

It’s better to quit now and cut my losses  – “Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It is courage to continue that counts.”  Nothing could be closer to the truth. Persistence and effort walks together to success.
Failures, small and large, happen every day to the best of us. The strongest, most productive people aren’t the people who always succeed, but the ones who don’t give up when they lose.
Oftentimes you’re a lot closer to making a breakthrough than you think. Some people give up their efforts when they have almost reached their goal, while others conquer their goals by exerting, up until the very last possible second, more vigorous efforts than ever before.  Bottom line: Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit – so KEEP GOING!

Never Believe The “One Time” Lie.

One time won’t hurt. – This lie is so tempting, because it’s somewhat true – one time won’t hurt.  Assuming, of course, that it really is only one time.  One scoop of ice cream, one missed workout, one time procrastinating instead of working, just one lie or looking at what it shouldn’t etc… Read more

Today Work

“Stop Making Excuses For Why You Can’t Get It Done And Start Focusing On All The Reasons Why You Must Make It Happen”

 I can do it later. – Sure, you can always do it later… but your later self will be the same exact way. 

Think about it: Why should your later self be more disciplined than your present self?  There’s no reason.  In fact, because you’re allowing yourself to slack off now, you’re building a habit of procrastination and actually making it less likely that your later self will be more disciplined.  Read more